Raw Liver Smoothie

I had heard about the health benefits of eating raw liver and wanted to find an easy way to work it into my diet. I admit, I’m not squeamish about these things. I grew up eating (and enjoying!) cooked liver and kidney so that’s a no-brainer for me. But raw liver? Why would I want to try that?

I first read about eating raw liver in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. Liver is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Among other things, it is rich in vitamin A, all of the B vitamins (particularly B12), iron, CoQ10, and has what’s been called an “anti-fatigue” factor. Raw liver in particular is known for its health and stamina-building properties.

Here is a good article about eating raw liver: http://www.westonaprice.org/food-features/liver-files

To get started, I bought some organic, grass-fed raw beef liver from a local farmer and put it in the freezer for at least 14 days (a precautionary measure to ensure that any parasites are killed). Each morning I pulled it out of the freezer and while it’s still frozen, I sliced off a few slithers of liver. Then I would simply eat it!

However after about my 4th morning in a row of eating it straight, it finally occurred to me to simply throw it into my smoothie! One thing I had noticed about eating raw liver is that it has very little taste (much milder than cooked liver), so I figured it wouldn’t affect the taste of my smoothie at all, especially since I use ingredients such as berries, maple syrup and lemon juice which are fairly strong tasting.

Raw liver is now a staple ingredient in my smoothie, which I have for breakfast at least once a week.

Raw Liver Smoothie

I don’t really measure anything, so I’ve tried to approximate. I don’t do well with yogurt or kefir so I use coconut milk instead.

1 ripe banana
Small handful of berries (strong-flavored ones like blackberries are raspberries are best)
Coconut milk – about 1/4 cup
Raw cream – about 1 tablespoon
Coconut oil – a large spoonful
Flax seed oil – about 1 teaspoon
Pinch of sea salt
Lemon juice – 1-2 teaspoons
Maple syrup or honey
1-2 raw egg yolks (from pastured hens)
Raw beef liver* – about 1-2 teaspoons, finely chopped

*Important to source raw liver from organically-raised, grass-fed cows, and always freeze it for at least 14 days before eating it raw.

1. Add all ingredients except the egg yolks into a blender (I use a hand-held blender). Blend until smooth.
2. Add the egg yolks and give a quick pulse or two. Finish blending in egg yolk with a fork if necessary (I have read the proteins in egg yolks are fragile and should not be subjected to heavy blending).
3. Enjoy and feel good!

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