Quick and Easy Breakfast Rice Pudding

I like white rice. No excuses, no explanations, I just do and always have 🙂 However I’m careful not to overindulge, since white rice is a refined carbohydrate, which means that eating too much can affect the stability of your blood sugar. The other reason not to eat too much is that white rice offers very little in the way of nutrition other than carbs. It is, however, so much easier for me to digest than brown rice, and I can pretty much guarantee that I’m getting better nutrition from a meal I can digest, than from one that I can’t.

So where am I going with all of this? Occasionally……I have a hankering for a rice pudding-type of breakfast. It’s a comfort food thing. But I like to beef it up with all sorts of goodies to make it more nutritious, while minimizing blood sugar spikes. I minimize the blood sugar impact by loading it with healthy fats, and by using mainly fruit to sweeten it, and I prefer it only barely sweet anyway.

I keep cooked white rice on hand in the fridge almost always, so its quick and easy in the morning to throw some in a pot and heat it up with some chicken stock and coconut milk, and add whatever else I feel like throwing in for flavor/nutrition. This cooks up so creamy and delicious thanks to the coconut milk!

Coconut Milk Rice Porridge

Serving for one:
½ cup cooked white (or brown) rice
2-3 tablespoons chicken stock*
¼ cup coconut milk
¼ apple, diced small
Raisins – small handful
Cinnamon – a sprinkle
Knob of butter or coconut oil
Pinch of sea salt
Honey or maple syrup (to taste) OR (update) this is heavenly with a couple drops of vanilla creme stevia

Other toppings/additions, depending on what you have on hand:
Chopped crispy nuts
Crispy sunflower seeds
Ground chia seeds
Dried fruit such as chopped apricots or dates
Cream (preferably raw)

1. Add the rice, stock, coconut milk, apple, raisins, butter and salt into a pot.
2. Simmer until the apple is cooked (about 8-10 mins), stirring frequently.
3. Serve with smidge of honey/maple syrup and raw cream

*Note: adding the chicken stock is simply to provide a bit of extra liquid to help soften the rice if it has become a bit dry in the fridge. You could add a little water instead, but I like using chicken stock for the extra nutrition and it doesn’t affect the taste.

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