• Dinner
  • Shrimp Cakes Bites

    Smaller than a shrimp cake, but not meant to be a meatball, I decided to call these tasty little morsels Shrimp Cake Bites! I made them for dinner the other night and we all loved them – not a single one remained. All you could hear from our 2yo was “more, more!” (she does occasionally […]

  • GAPS
  • Energy Trail Mix

    Trail mix is a healthy, on-the-go snack that is easy to make, keeps well, travels well and is super tasty! A bag of trail mix is handy to have on hand regardless of whether you’re out and about at the park or at shops, or spending a day on the trails. The wonderful thing about […]

  • Baked Goods/Sweet Treats
  • Apricot Cashew Slice

    A little while back I posted my Carob Nut Slice and I mentioned that I had other variations on my “no-bake nut slice” concept. Well let me introduce Apricot Cashew Slice! I love making these nut slices and knowing that I have a tasty, healthy treat available when I feel like it. I also like […]

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