• Carrot and Cilantro Salad

    Carrot & Cilantro Salad

    I have a great mother-in-law. A truly wonderful mother-in-law. Do you know why? Well apart from being a truly awesome person, she bought me a subscription to Cuisine Magazine last Christmas! Cuisine is New Zealand’s premier food and wine magazine with amazing recipes, gorgeous photography and interesting articles about local artisan producers, the restaurant scene, and […]

  • GAPS
  • Mashed Veggies

    I could have given this a fancier, more appealing name, such as Root Vegetable Mash, or Rutabaga, Carrot and Parsnip Puree. But mashed veggies was what my mum called them, and mashed veggies was one of my favorite comfort foods as a kid (and still is might add). So mashed veggies it is! There’s not […]

  • Gluten Free
  • Kohlrabi and Mango Salad

    I’ve been hearing a lot about kohlrabi lately. I’ve never bought kohlrabi, never eaten it (to the best of my knowledge), and have certainly never cooked with it before. But I’m always into trying new vegetables, and in fact sometimes I buy something that I have absolutely no idea how to cook on purpose, to […]

  • GAPS
  • Crunchy Munchy Veggie Salad

    It has been hot here lately….hot, no breeze, no air conditioning 🙁 So all that I’ve been feeling like is a big bowl of crunchy munchy salad! Something cool, crisp and refreshing is what I’m after, and this salad fits the bill perfectly. Crunchy Munchy Vegetable Salad 1/2 medium-size cucumber (semi-peeled, quartered lengthwise and sliced) […]

  • GAPS
  • Tangy Carrot-Apple Salad

    This recipe caught my eye in the October 2010 edition of Vegetarian Times magazine. Can you believe that tonight was the very first time that I made it?! I forgot about it for a long while, then I became extremely focused on soups for a long while 🙂 So even though you’d probably consider this […]

  • GAPS
  • Roasted Asparagus w/ Garlic and Ghee

    When I was a kid, my Mum would sometimes eat canned asparagus. Gross, tasteless, mushy, watery, disgusting! I couldn’t understand how anyone could like asparagus! At some point in my adult life, I tried freshly cooked asparagus, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now, I eagerly look out for it at farmers markets once spring […]

  • GAPS
  • Sauteed Purple Sprouting Broccoli

    I tend to not be very adventurous when it comes to vegetables – I like them, but I tend to eat the same ones over and over again. So I have been challenging myself to try something new each time I go to my local farmer’s market. One week it was pea shoots, another week […]

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