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  • Trail Mix Oatmeal

    Trail Mix Oatmeal

    This is my favorite way to eat oatmeal at the moment. I had it again for breakfast this morning, and I thought that it’s about time I shared it here! What I love about eating oatmeal this way is the variety in every spoonful – will I bite into crispy, crunchy almonds? Chewy cranberries or […]

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  • Turmeric and Ginger Smoothie

    I enjoy smoothies for breakfast a couple times a week, but I was looking for a new flavor. Usually I do something with berries (and liver!) but I was feeling like a little something different. Variety is the spice of life and all that. Wait….spice…..spices….yes, wasn’t my sister going on about the amazing benefits of […]

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  • Chicken and Spinach Breakfast Sausage

    We love breakfast sausage around here! For our morning protein I alternate between breakfast sausage, bacon, eggs and my raw liver smoothie. I prefer to make our breakfast sausage since then I know exactly what’s going into it (no artificial flavors, preservatives or nitrates here!) I typically make my Chicken and Apple breakfast sausage which […]

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  • Raw Liver Smoothie

    Raw Liver Smoothie

    CAUTION: This post contains an image of raw liver!Ā  I had heard about the health benefits of eating raw liver and wanted to find an easy way to work it into my diet. I admit, I’m not squeamish about these things. I grew up eating (and enjoying!) cooked liver and kidney so that’s a no-brainer […]

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  • Golden Squash Pancakes (gluten free)

    The other day I thought I’d try making some squash pancakes, as a variation to the banana pancakes that I usually make. I had some cooked acorn squash left over from a squash that I’d roasted the day before, and I decided to see if it could be pancake-worthy. Yes, oh yes! In my humble […]

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