Spaghetti Squash Bake

This is a recipe that I came up with when I was on the GAPS diet for digestive issues. The GAPS diet does not allow any grains, or any starchy root vegetables such as potato or sweet potato. However winter squash is allowed, so I found myself experimenting with all different types of winter squash that previously I would have barely glanced at.

One of these was the spaghetti squash. I simply could not fathom how a squash could cook up all spaghetti-like, so I just had to try it for myself! I looked up online how to cook it, I baked it in the oven, and then lo and behold, the cooked squash scrapes out looking just like spaghetti! I have photos to prove it, and will show it as part of another post real soon, promise 🙂

So armed with my spaghetti-like noodles, I came up with this recipe which is similar to a lasagne in its ingredients, but with spaghetti squash mixed in, instead of lasagne noodles. It’s super tasty, and I continue to make it even though I’m no longer on GAPS. It’s also a great low-carb recipe.

If you cook the spaghetti squash earlier in the day or the day before, this dish is very quick and easy to throw together for dinner. Otherwise, allow enough time in your dinner prep to bake the spaghetti squash first.

Spaghetti Squash Bake

1 spaghetti squash (medium size)
1 tablespoons oil (butter/ghee/lard etc)
1 onion, diced
2 stalks celery, sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 pound ground beef or bison
1 14oz can diced tomatoes
1 green or red pepper, diced
4-5 button mushrooms, sliced
1 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon basil
1/4 teaspoon marjoram
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
2-3 tablespoons parmesan cheese
Grated cheese for topping

1. Heat oven to 350F.
2. Slice spaghetti squash in half lengthwise and remove the seeds. Place both halves cut side down in a baking dish in a half inch of water. Bake squash for 40-50 minutes, until the skin can be easily pierced with a knife.
3. Remove from oven and allow squash to cool a bit, then use a fork to remove the flesh. Place in a colander to drain.
4. Heat oil in a large pan and saute the onion until golden.
5. Add the celery and garlic and cook for a couple more minutes.
6. Add the beef and lightly brown, stirring frequently.
7. Add the tomatoes, pepper, mushrooms, salt, pepper, and all of the herbs/spices. Simmer for 10-15 minutes until the liquid reduces.
8. Stir in the parmesan. Taste, and adjust seasonings if required.
9. Turn off the heat and mix about 2 cups of the spaghetti squash into the pan.
10. Pour the meat/spaghetti squash mixture into an oven-proof lasagne or casserole dish.
11. Spread about another cup of the remaining spaghetti squash over the top of the meat and sprinkle with grated cheese.
13. Bake in the oven at 350F for 15 minutes or until the cheese starts to bubble.
14. Remove from the oven and let it sit for a few minutes. Serve sprinkled with some extra parmesan cheese (optional)

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  1. Jesalynn says:

    Hello! I stumbled across your blog some time ago and enjoy all the recipes! The Spaghetti Squash Bake looks yummy! Several in our family are on the GAPS diet right now and we are always looking for new recipe ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Debbie says:

      Hi Jesalyn, thanks so much for the feedback! I’m glad I could help out with more GAPS recipe ideas, I know it can be tough sometimes. Looking forward to checking out your blog too!

  2. Debbie,

    This looks really wonderful. I do think spaghetti squash is a great option for enjoying traditional noodle dishes on a grain-free diet. Thanks for posting this on Food Flicks Friday.


  3. Kristin says:

    I love spaghetti squash, but have never made it like this. I’m going to try this one!

    1. Debbie says:

      I hope you like it! Let me know how it goes 🙂

  4. jamie says:

    this was wonderful! Thank you for sharing all these tips and recipes..really helps those of us without the create gene;)

    1. Debbie says:

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked it. I really enjoy sharing these tips and recipes 🙂

  5. Miz Helen says:

    I just love another way to prepare Spaghetti Squash. This recipe looks so good, a great dish for a crowd and so full of wonderful flavor. Hope you are having a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  6. Thank you for your submission on Nourishing Treasures’ Make Your Own! Monday link-up.

    Check back later tomorrow when the new link-up is running to see if you were one of the top 3 featured posts! 🙂

  7. Sarah says:

    I was looking for a new recipe for spaghetti squash and can across this one. I am cooking it for dinner tonight and the so far it is smells wonderful. Can’t wait to try it.

    1. Debbie says:

      Oooh I’m so excited! How did it turn out?

  8. KAndi says:

    THis looks so yummy. I’m makinf it tonight but with ground Turkey. I can’t wait

    1. Debbie says:

      Sounds good! Let me know how it turns out!

  9. Rebekah says:

    Hey, this looks so yummy! I wanted to share a quicker way of cooking the squash with you though 🙂 if it’s a smaller squash, you can simply poke some holes in it with a small knife, stick it in the microwave and cook on high for about 3-4 minutes! It’s so fast, and will cook evenly from the inside out if you turn it halfway through cooking. The seeds scoop out easily without wasting any of the flesh, and makes it easy to cook without having to think an hour ahead of time about the squash 🙂 Let me know if it works for you. I know I will be trying this recipe tonight! Thanks

    1. Debbie says:

      Hi Rebekah, thanks for the great tip! I hope you like it, let me know how it goes!

  10. Kristie says:

    Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for sharing this!! I received some spaghetti squash from a produce charity where they take anything that would be wasted and give it away in 60 pound increments for a small donation. Anyway, I ended up with a TON of spaghetti squash and wasn’t sure what to do with it. I am making it tonight with ground turkey.. We’ll see how it goes! Thank you for providing GAPS recipes. My husband and I aren’t on a GAPS diet, but we are trying to limit our gluten and grains, so this helps alot!! Thanks!

    1. Debbie says:

      Wow, that is a crazy amount of produce! Good thing squash keeps for a while 🙂 I hope you enjoy this recipe, let me know how it turns out. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Julie Kimmett says:

    I made this tonight for my family and told the kids it was a spaghetti bake, they loved it! Had no idea it wasn’t spaghetti. Thank you so much for this great recipe! Its a keeper for our family.

    1. Debbie says:

      Hey that’s great! So glad you’re family liked it! It’s funny how your kids didn’t even notice there was no actual spaghetti 🙂

  12. Brandae says:

    Hello! I just made this today for six hungry boys, and it was a success. I loved it – the flavors remind me of my favorite lasagna!

    1. Debbie says:

      Hi Brandae, that’s great! I’m so glad everyone liked it. It reminds me of lasagna too 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to let me know!

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  15. PattyLA says:

    Thank you for sharing this in Grateful GAPS Holiday Foods.

  16. Thank you so much for this recipe! I made it tonight and it was incredible. I’m going to be starting the GAPS diet soon and have been trying out some recipes first to get my feel for it. This recipe is so good that it doesn’t even make you miss the real noodles!

    1. Debbie says:

      Hi Kristin, I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! It’s one of our favs too…and we don’t miss the noodles in this dish either!

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