My 2 Year Old’s Birthday Lunch

Larissa turns 2 on January 3rd!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Larissa, we love you so much!

Over the weekend I bought some of her favorite foods so that we can have a nice birthday lunch with her on Tuesday. We’ve fed her only real food from day 1, so it’s been interesting to see how her taste buds have developed compared to other kids her age. Some of her favorite foods may surprise you!

She’s not into candy or processed foods. It’s impossible to get her to eat anything from a restaurant except fruit, so I pack her food wherever we go. She’s not much into crackers or bread, and turns her nose up at the Pirate Booty snacks that are served at her playgroup (thank goodness!)

She likes her yogurt plain, without any flavors or sweeteners. She loves smoked salmon and sardines, cheese (especially brie), liver snacks, avocado, seaweed snacks. She eats my spicy curried soups with gusto.

Here is some of the food for the birthday lunch. There will also be sardines and grilled cheese sandwiches. She LOVES all of these foods and will be a very happy little camper.

Don’t get me wrong, things aren’t perfect! She eats too much fruit for my liking, and the only way to get vegetables into her is to puree them in soup. Sadly, she won’t eat eggs.

But I’m very happy with the foods she does eat. It just goes to show that young children, when they don’t have any preconceived notions about food (and provided they don’t have any major gut imbalance issues), will eat according to their taste buds, based on what their parents feed them.

Who nows how long any of this will last? She’s only two. There’s hasn’t been anyone to tell her that liver and sardines are yuck, that colored yogurt is more fun, or that the only cheese worth eating is velveeta. Wait until she’s in school, eating lunch with her friends and seeing what’s in their lunch boxes. Then I may have a battle on my hands. But then again maybe I won’t, because maybe (fingers crossed), she’ll simply continue to like these foods because she’s developed a taste for them. I hope so 🙂

But either way, I’m incredibly grateful that she’s getting such good nutrition in her early years.

What unusual (and healthy!) foods do your kids like to eat?

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  1. Gabriella Iacobone says: Reply

    Your daughter is too cute! That’s awesome that she rejects processed foods and eats liver and sardines! One day she’ll thank you for starting her out on such a good diet.

    1. Debbie says: Reply

      Thank you 🙂 I hope she does!

  2. Elaine and Abby says: Reply

    Happy Happy Birthday Larissa!
    Love, Doug, Elaine & Abby 🙂

    1. Debbie says: Reply

      Thank you! Looking forward to having Abby over on Friday!

  3. Just found you on the web via a cooking site. You are doing FANTASTIC with your daughter!!!!! I hope your site helps more parents realize the importance of starting their children out with healthy natural foods and not “kid” food (ie. processed, sugar filled/coated foods).

    1. Debbie says: Reply

      Thanks Jennifer! I’m a big believer in nutrition and I want my daughter to develop a taste for those healthy natural foods so that hopefully it will stay with her for life.

  4. It’s so wonderful you’ve given her such a healthy start with those nourishing foods! It does get tough when they get into school and wonder why they don’t get to eat all those processed foods that their friends do. I don’t let my son have the communal snacks at his pre-K class – they’re supposed to be “healthy”, but chocolate-marshmallow granola bars and goldfish don’t really qualify for me 😉 He keeps asking me why he’s on a “special diet”… I guess that’s what his teacher told the class when they asked why he eats a snack from home instead. Oh well…

    1. Debbie says: Reply

      I agree that snack does not sound healthy! At the daycare that Larissa goes to a couple mornings a week, quite a few of the parents bring in food for their children, so the kids are used to it. I provide Larissa’s morning snack because I don’t like the snacks that they serve there!

  5. Holly says: Reply

    Sounds just like my little one! My girl is a year and a half now and has always had real food since she started solids. I remember when people asked what her first food was and I replied, “Turnips!” She absolutely loves turnips. She was a summer baby, so we started solids in the winter with all the root vegetables and those are her favorites. She’s iffy on a lot of the summer foods and hates tomatoes, but I’m not holding it against her or labeling her a picky eater. 🙂

    1. Debbie says: Reply

      That’s so funny about the turnips! It’s great that she loves root veg, they’re so nourishing. Larissa will eat them in soup, but that’s the only way. I’m sure by next summer your little girl will have found her taste buds for summer foods 🙂

  6. Happy BIRTHday sweet Larissa! And to you too Debbie 🙂

    My little love is almost 4.5 and food can be challenging now, she used to eat anything and everything, but now, not so much. The only vegetables she will eat is kale and broccoli, so I’m happy about that. She stopped eating soups for some reason, so I can’t sneak veggies into soups anymore. My little love enjoys seaweed too 🙂 She calls it green chips. She won’t eat eggs either, but if they are in pumpkin pancakes, then she doesn’t know. Really, the only things she will eat rights now – roasted pastured chicken and the crispy skin, raw milk, raw cheese occasionally, pasture butter made into homemade fudge, grassfed buffalo or beef meatballs, avocado (though not much lately), kale chips, roasted broccoli, pumpkin pancakes (but we’re running out of pumpkins to roast and puree) and some baked treats made with sprouted brown rice flour. I am just happy I can get her to take her cinnamon fermented cod liver oil + high vitamin butter oil now, even though she won’t do it every day. I’m sure over time, their palate will change and they will be more interested in a variety of foods.

    1. Debbie says: Reply

      I’m trying to get Larissa to take the FCLO and butter oil combo too! Somtimes she will, sometimes she won’t. My biggest problem with her eating is that it can feel repetitive – cycling through the same fairly limited list of foods meal after meal. I’d love her to eat more variety, but as you say, I’m sure that will come with age. Even now I still have quite clear memories of what I ate as a young kid, and there wasn’t much variety in there 🙂

  7. Hi,

    I found you from MYO Monday linkup.

    I love seeing little kids eat good, real food! My son liked sardines, and lots of kinds of fish too, when he was tiny. He ate pretty well till now; he’s almost 14 so he buys junk with his own money – though his favorite foods are still things I make. We had a foster baby for a while and he loved to eat everything I cooked; he teethed with the crust of homemade bread ;o) The social worker came to take him out and said she would stop at McD’s, I told her he has never eaten McDs, he like real food. What can you expect – I have grown friends that never had macaroni ‘n’ cheese that wasn’t from a box.

    Little kids tastes change all the time so keep trying

  8. Debra says: Reply

    Such a sweet post, Happy Birthday Larissa! I’m so impressed with the great food choices she gets–even the seaweed snacks. She’s one lucky little girl!

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